Dreaming of Interactive Art in Denver

The opportunities for the public to engage with art through the Terra Firma series continue this month with the launch of Understudy, Denver’s first-of-its-kind experimental arts and culture incubator. Housed in a formerly unrentable, 700-square-foot space in the Colorado Convention Center, Understudy serves as a way to experiment both operationally and artistically to determine the best way to provide artists, creative groups and the community with a free and central space for art installations.

Our team curated the first artist in residency, Mathias Svalina, the mastermind behind the Dream Delivery Service. Each day, Svalina provides monthly subscribers with daily ‘dreams’ in the form of poems or brief surrealist narratives, delivered in small pink envelopes. Throughout the month of November, Understudy will host a series of events surrounding the Dream Delivery Service to engage the public in discussions about dreams and this unique style of interactive art.


We also know what a thrill it can be to come upon interactive art by surprise. In partnership with Sage Hospitality, we’re pushing the boundaries of art curation by having Svalina deliver dreams to guests who opt in at The Maven Hotel at Dairy Block and The Oxford Hotel in downtown Denver. The result is an authentic experience that guests won’t find at any other hotels in the nation.

To create experiences that captivate residents and visitors alike, it is imperative to think beyond the built environment. Public and interactive art installations like those included in the Terra Firma series bridge the gap between people and place, fostering connections that develop community and a distinct sense of place. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these installations.