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Leave your guests feeling warm and welcomed with an art collection that accurately reflects your hospitality experience.

Setting the right vibe is essential for hotels & resorts looking to create unique experiences for their visitors. And, visually appealing art goes a long way toward doing just that. 

NINE dot ARTS hospitality art consultants work with you to create an atmosphere that synchronizes with the hotel or resort’s brand, personality, amenities, and surrounding community. We work to curate a completely custom, site-specific art collection that conveys tasteful continuity from room to room. From signature lobby moments to relaxing public spaces and guest rooms, we focus on the details that matter most to your customers. 

Our database of over 10,000 artists from around the globe allows us to tap both local and international talent, giving your hotel or resort access to the best possible combination of artists. We’ll help you find both 2D & 3D art, too.  

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