A curated art program is one way companies can connect brand and culture across geographies

At NINE dot ARTS, we see art as a tool for making connections and uniting communities far and wide. The businesses we work with, in particular, find that art can connect their locations that might see geography as a cultural barrier. For example, a company’s culture in a Miami office might be very different from one in Seattle – but luckily for many companies, art can function as a unifier.

No matter the size or scope of a project, NINE dot ARTS holds in-depth consultations with each new client to understand the company’s personality and desired creative space. Our goal at the end of a session is to create a “mission statement” and template for the company’s art and the criteria we can use to emulate this. This effort is more than just repeating the same pieces in different locations, however, typically beginning with a base template with flexibility to make slight variations depending on the office location.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how we have leveraged art to help companies establish a unified culture at a separate geographic.


Email marketing giant SendGrid powerfully uses art to unify their offices in Colorado and California. NINE dot ARTS worked with artists who had styles similar to SendGrid’s visual style, making it easy to replicate the same cultural feel.

Speaking to the company’s growth and success (they were recently acquired by Twilio for $2 billion) and its emphasis on technology, SendGrid wanted art that wasn’t simply two-dimensional and traditional. They envisioned a more interactive, technology-friendly, forward-thinking atmosphere that could be expressed with neon lights and three-dimensional elements.

Artist Scott Young brought this vision to life while also incorporating the company’s core values in both California and (coming soon) Colorado. With the gigantic words “BE” lit up in the center of the piece, their values, “happy,” “humble,” “honest” and “hungry” take turns glowing.

Artist Jesse Van Horn designed site-specific pieces for Denver that included 20 acrylic cubes hanging from steel cable in a striking three-dimensional display. The display exudes the brand and personality of the company by resembling a grid, an ode to the name of the company, and using their brand color of blue.

Jesse Van Horn’s art piece in SendGrid’s Redwood City office

NINE dot ARTS has worked with several other companies to create a cohesive brand experience at its locations through art.

FirstBank, with branches in Colorado, Arizona and California, wanted to feature regional artists and scenery specific to the branches, while staying connected through a unified western, outdoorsy vibe. For example, one Colorado location embraced a “Colorado Outdoors” theme with art featuring skiiers and snowboarders, while another branch in California selected a “Modern West” theme with scenes of horseback riding. The art symbolizes a similar western, adventurous spirit, but each hold a unique element.

TD Ameritrade, a nationwide online stock trading company with offices across the country, also wanted to use local artists that emulated a similar feel in all offices. TD Ameritrade features photography in each office that highlights local or regional scenery. NINE dot ARTS provided them with options from photographers who have portfolios with the images to fit these needs.

A curated art program can be one of the ways a company can showcase its unique brand and company culture across offices, while also bringing forth local influence. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

Martha Weidmann

Martha Weidmann

CEO & Co-Founder

When you’re born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, genteel grace and charm are just a natural byproduct of your upbringing. But Martha’s deep understanding of the art business and tenacious drive for business success are something all her own. As our CEO and Co-Founder of NINE dot ARTS, Martha oversees business planning, company finances, marketing and sales, team development, and is basically our head cheerleader and evangelist to the world. Martha left Alabama at 18 to expand her horizons and graduated from Colorado State University with a dual major – Communications and Fine Arts – to launch her journey. With her two diplomas in hand, she started her career with Walker Fine Art gallery in Denver, then moved on to the most prestigious art consulting firm (at the time) in the region, McGrath and Braun, from which NINE dot ARTS was born. Martha loves the business of art and finds tremendous satisfaction in helping new and emerging artists discover that you can actually get paid for your talent. She also loves using both sides of her brain on a daily basis, which can mean touring an amazing new NINE dot ARTS art experience in the morning and reviewing equally inspiring spreadsheets in the afternoon. When she’s not bouncing from meeting to meeting around our office, talking to movers and shakers in the art world, or giving high fives (with a handmade artistic hand, naturally) to team members, you might find her shopping at estate sales, urban hiking, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, or making cool stuff with her three art loving children.

Martha supports the art community by: currently serving on the Board of the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts and serving as Executive Director for Union Hall. Past experiences include lecturer for the Americans for the Arts conference in San Francisco on Art & Placemaking, serving on the Planning Committee for Stuart Semple’s Happy City, speaking on the CBCA Arts and Real Estate Panel, lecturer for the artist education series, Moxie U, and lecturer on Artist professional development for the Pueblo Economic Development Council.

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