Who we are

The Power of Placemaking

We believe that how we experience a space influences how we interact with it. Experiences shape the way we…

care for,
take pride in,
and evolve

…our neighborhoods, communities, and cities. 

That’s why NINE dot ARTS leverages art and culture to transform spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences that bring value to developers and make a positive social impact. Creative placemaking that boosts business and builds community? That’s what we do.

NINE dot ARTS began with a vision

Co-founders Martha McGee and Molly Casey began NINE dot ARTS in 2009 with the vision of building a forward-thinking company that both curates incredible art experiences and advocates for art and artists. Since then, we have completed nearly 1,000 real estate projects across 39 states and five countries, generating more than $50M in revenue for the creative economy.

Today, our company includes over 30 specialists with expertise in:

  • Art curation, acquisition, and installation
  • Strategic consulting, 
  • Urban planning, 
  • Community engagement, 
  • Project management, 
  • Marketing, 
  • Client success, 
  • and more. 

Unlike art vendors or sole proprietors, we leverage our team of specialists to oversee the entire art experience, from vision development to art installation. And no matter the industry or location of our projects, we proactively engage with the community to understand local culture and source artists who reflect it – telling a compelling visual story that brings the space to life.

The NINE dot ARTS Difference

As a partner in placemaking, we help our clients transform spaces into one-of-a-kind experiences through the power of original art. Here’s how:

View Our Work

From hotels and hospitals to corporate offices, multifamily properties, and more, we leverage art and culture to create unforgettable destinations with a powerful first and lasting impression. See for yourself. 

Meet Our Team of Specialists

Martha McGee

CEO & Co-founder

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As a formally trained artist, self-taught business woman, and lifelong entrepreneur, NINE dot ARTS CEO Martha McGee aims to be a mentor and champion for aspiring artists and business leaders alike. Martha oversees NINE dot ARTS’ company vision, business strategy, and diverse team development, as well as the firm’s national expansion and growth in its target markets of Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, and Austin. Martha also spearheads NINE dot ARTS’ centralized core services by building systems, expertise, and knowledge management tools to scale its vision of being the nation’s leading art consulting and creative placemaking firm in innovation, processes, ethics, and creativity. Martha and Co-founder Molly Casey formed NINE dot ARTS in 2009 with the vision of building a forward-thinking art consulting company that both curates incredible art experiences and advocates for art and artists. Since then, the firm has completed nearly 1,000 real estate projects across 39 states and five countries, generating more than $50M in revenue for the creative economy. Currently, their artist application, Dotfolio, features over 10,000 artists from around the world.    

Molly Casey

Chief Curator & Co-founder

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As NINE dot ARTS Chief Curator, Molly leads, mentors, and supervises interdisciplinary creative teams through the research, curation, acquisition, and installation of a range of national art experiences. Her leadership and consulting expertise includes working directly with private and public sector clients on everything from curated corporate art collections to robust community art plans. Molly’s innovative approach to art consulting includes building a global community of artists and supporting education, advocacy, and career-building opportunities. She and Co-founder Martha Weidmann formed NINE dot ARTS in 2009 with the vision of building a forward-thinking art consulting company that both curates incredible art experiences and advocates for art and artists. Since then, the firm has completed nearly 1,000 projects in real estate development across 39 states and five countries, generating more than $50 million in revenue for the creative economy. Currently, their artist application, Dotfolio, features over 10,000 artists from around the world.

Adele Grundies

Chief Operating Officer

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What does a COO do? Workflow improvements, project analysis and capacity planning, technology/systems integration, client budget management and tracking, financial projections, troubleshooting, and team coaching. And that’s just Monday.   When your company is entering into its tenth year in business, it’s time to bring in someone to make things run smoother and help our team deliver our work more efficiently. So, we went out and found Adele. Now, our only regret is that we wish we would have found her a lot sooner! Adele is a veteran of the education non-profit consulting world, where she managed teams of both client service and technology staff and worked with clients around the country to deliver operational solutions. She sees the big picture, but loves digging into the details. She thinks problems are just challenges begging for a solution. And she’s equally as comfortable looking at numbers and charts on a dashboard as she is talking about art with a client over coffee. Left brain. Right brain. She brings both sides to her job every day.   Adele endures a grueling commute to our office from one (1) block away, where she lives with her family and teaches her three-year-old daughter lyrics to Queen songs. That makes sense because Operations is no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise. It’s a challenge before the whole human race. But with Adele, we ain’t gonna lose.   Adele supports the arts community by being a member of Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, visiting cool new installations around town, and attending the Sundance Film Festival every year.

Nael Ashour

Chief Financial Officer

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Prior to joining NINE dot ARTS, Nael was most recently a Director for Citigroup Investment Banking where he gained extensive experience executing corporate-level strategic initiatives to help companies grow and reach their full potential. He has worked with a range of stakeholders, from CEOs to debtholders to investors, to execute over $10 billion in transactions in M&A, advisory, and capital markets. Earlier in his career, Nael worked as a civil engineer in the architectural and design industry and has experience developing large-scale construction projects. He graduated from Rice University with an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Outside the office he enjoys hiking, skiing, and experiencing the latest in culinary arts.

Client Engagement

Victoria Hatfield

Managing Director of Growth

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As Managing Director of Growth, Victoria Hatfield helps shape NINE dot ARTS’ growth plans, establishing tangible objectives and nurturing the skills and confidence necessary for fearless execution. Victoria began her career in retail and quickly discovered a passion for B2B complex sales processes, which allowed her to provide strategic solutions to client problems while working collaboratively across various functions of an organization. Since then, Victoria has gained 20 years of leadership experience integrating B2B go-to-market strategies through business development, sales, and marketing across several industries, including construction, architecture, consulting, grocery wholesale, and chemicals. She is dedicated to being a champion for others, from supporting internal staff development to advocating for clients and ensuring they remain at the heart of all business decisions. A Colorado native and self-proclaimed “mountain girl,” Victoria graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Journalism, concentrating in Marketing and PR. She has a passion for art and creates her own mosaic and stained-glass mirrors. Victoria celebrates artists’ courageous ability to express themselves and shape our environment with their work. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to enhance artists’ careers at NINE dot ARTS.

Andrea Barry

Director of Client Success

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Andrea joins NINE dot ARTS with over two decades of experience in creative professional services, with a focus in the real estate development, hospitality, architecture, engineering, construction, and design industries. She holds a BFA in Visual Communication with an emphasis in Design and Marketing and is a Certified LEED Green Associate. Throughout her roles in design, advertising, marketing, program management, and business leadership, her passion has been helping clients achieve their business objectives through creative storytelling, stakeholder engagement, and innovative communication strategies. As the Director of Client Success, Andrea focuses on strengthening our client relationships while helping them achieve maximum value and engagement through their curated art programs and creative placemaking efforts. She is especially focused on helping clients leverage opportunities for positive social impact and meaningful contributions to the creative economy.

Mary Gangel

Client Success Manager

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As Client Success Manager, Mary works with our clients and partners across the country to share the social and financial impact of our award-winning curatorial projects. With an academic background in anthropology, museum studies, and art history, she is a natural at demonstrating the power of art and culture in transforming the built environment, and she enjoys helping our clients create meaningful, localized community impacts through their art collections. Mary joins NINE dot ARTS with 10 years of experience in marketing and communications for both luxury and service brands. From nurturing the luxury client experience at Hyde Park Jewelers to supporting research, advocacy, and policy making for The Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect, Mary is well-versed in working with a range of professionals to produce successful outcomes. Mary looks forward to bringing her passion and expertise to NINE dot ARTS by helping our clients yield the most value from our services. Outside the office, Mary can be found teaching yoga, curled up with a good book, or enjoying an adventure with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Oliver.

Aaron Monu

Business Development Manager

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Aaron Monu is an Atlanta-based Business Development Manager who has nearly ten years of sales experience working with luxury fashion brands, primarily in the bespoke tailoring industry. Prior to joining NINE dot ARTS, he was the Made-to-Measure Director of a CFDA-awarded company (Council of Fashion Designers of America). Aaron received his bachelor’s degree in Biology and Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida. Outside the office, Aaron enjoys hiking, interior design, thrifting for vintage goods, digital photography, and travel-related cultural experiences. He has also received his certification from the Wine Spirit and Education Trust and enjoys helping with wine education. Aaron is proud to be part of the NINE dot ARTS team to make a meaningful difference for clients, local arts community, and the greater good.

Curatorial team

Denise Joseph

Director of Curatorial

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We found Denise in Chicago, longing for not only a change in her career, but also a change of address. And we were more than happy to help her with both. With her roots in marketing and client service, combined with her Master’s degree in Art History, Theory and Criticism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Denise provides a very unique perspective for our clients. She feels strongly that there is magic to be made when art and marketing are brought together with thoughtful planning and a keen eye for the visual expression of business goals. We love that, because we agree with her that marketing and art are both part of the same story that communicates a vision, a purpose, and a brand. When Denise isn’t working at the crossroads of art and business, you might find her at a remote crossroads somewhere in a foreign land. She’s traveled to 25 countries on 4 continents and is busy making plans for more. It’s that kind of passion for exploring new territory and experiencing diverse cultures that makes Denise a natural curator. We’re thrilled that her explorations landed her on our team. Denise supports the art community by purchasing art from local artists when traveling, curating exhibitions based on trends she has observed, managing an Instagram account that increases visibility for artists, and being a member and volunteer panel speaker for CAA (College Art Association).

Grant Adams


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Grant Adams serves as a senior member of our curating team and overall key client guy. He oversees projects for healthcare, multi-family residential, and hospitality clients and delivers great art experiences that have brought many of his clients back over the years to collaborate on several more projects. He joined NINE dot ARTS in 2011 after earning an MFA in Arts Administration from Southern Utah University and a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University in Communications Marketing. He loves art consulting and also creates his own art in his spare time. Coming from a musical family, Grant plays a wide variety of instruments. He’s also known to eat ridiculous amounts of gummy candies, which is an art all its own.

Hannah Penny

associate curator

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You might call Hannah our resident nomad. She has traveled around the U.S., sampling different places to live like some people sample ice cream flavors before committing to their cone. But if you were to ask her where she’s from she would say New York, so we’ll go with that. Graduating from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2011 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts Painting and a Minor in Art History, Hannah interned at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center in Covington, KY as the assistant to the Gallery Director. Upon arriving in Denver in 2017 to sample the flavor of Colorado, Hannah found NINE dot ARTS through an artist friend and has never looked back. She has quickly become an art consulting superstar in her role as Associate Curator, taking clients through projects like an expert tour guide. Hannah loves working in the art business because she’s able to use her creativity and passion for art on a daily basis, while collaborating with artists to share their talents with people who might not normally encounter their work. It’s obvious she loves art because she recently graduated from the Leadership Arts program provided by the CBCA. It’s a really cool, nine-month program that “equips and inspires professionals to be effective nonprofit board members and arts advocates.” It’s the only program of its kind in the region focused on arts and culture and it’s an honor to be accepted. Way to go, Hannah! Outside of the office, she occasionally paints abstract oil paintings, loves to cook, attends lots of live music around town, and is the proud mom of Rose the Adorable Dog.   Hannah supports the art community by: being a member at the MCA, going to art openings, buying local art for her own (very small) personal collection, and visiting the studios of artists to learn about their art and provide advice.

Valeria Serrano Vélez

Associate Curator

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Valeria (Va-lɛ-di-a), originally from Medellín, Colombia, earned her MA in Art History from CU Boulder, where she specialized in contemporary Latin American Art and was a Teaching Assistant for World Art History classes. Prior to moving to Colorado, Valeria studied German while living and working in Munich, and worked in both Curatorial and Education Departments at the Georgia Museum of Art. Valeria began her work at NINE dot ARTS as the Gallery Manager for Union Hall, and continues to expand her curatorial ability. When Valeria isn’t creating amazing art collections you might find her rock climbing, caring for her indoor houseplant jungle, hanging out with her cat Coco (who is 85% dog), or cooking Palestinian food. Valeria’s favorite part of working in the art world is elevating and creating a platform for underrepresented voices. Her passion in the art world is curating shows featuring Latinx artists who work with themes of social or environmental justice and/or decolonization.

Arian Hornsby

Associate Curator

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Arian is our first Atlanta-based Associate Curator who brings with her over 10 years of experience in the art and design world. She graduated in 2013 with a BA in Studio Arts, where classes in graphic design, book making, life drawing, and oil and acrylic painting informed her professional career working as a painting instructor, virtual interior designer, gallery associate, and art consultant. In addition to curating exceptional art experiences for our clients, Arian creates original acrylic on canvas artworks, indoor murals, and tiny art (check her out here!). She also enjoys documenting the artistic process to inform and inspire others to create unique works of their own. Arian’s curating interests include merging modern elements with traditional art and design techniques for a fresh and engaging contrast. Arian believes art and expression are important aspects of the human experience, each helping us to understand and appreciate our differences in pursuit of a more united and fulfilled world for all. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Arian has spent her life living, working, learning, and creating within 25 square miles of her hometown. While she loves Atlanta, she also enjoys traveling to experience new cultures, foods, and artists. In fact, she makes it a point to visit a new gallery or museum every time she leaves Georgia. Outside of curating and making her own artwork, Arian enjoys being with her cat, Nacho Mama, as well as reading, biking, movie watching, people watching, beach bumming, and daydreaming. We are thrilled to have her on our team, bringing such dreams to life for our clients through the power of original art.

Erin Bowman

Associate Curator

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Pop quiz: What do you get when you take someone who has five brothers and sisters, grew up playing sports, and was exposed to art at a young age by visiting museums such as Tate Modern, Uffizi Gallery, and MOMA? We’ll tell you what you get: a fearless, jump-in-and-get-things-done, reliable teammate who loves art and being around others who enjoy it as much as she does.   Erin attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where she not only played on the first women’s football team, but also scored her Master’s degree in Museum and Gallery Studies. After a couple of stops at Clyfford Still Museum and Hudson Gardens in the Denver area, she landed on our team where she creates order out of chaos and gets to witness “art’s transformative power of both the viewer’s psyche and the space it inhabits.” Well said, Erin. We’re glad you’re inhabiting our space.   Erin supports the local arts community by volunteering with Denver Film, being a loyal member of Clyfford Still Museum, and attending lots of gallery openings and museum exhibitions.

Andrew Shepherd

Studio Associate

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Andrew is a Studio Associate whose own artistic practice motivated him to join NINE dot ARTS. The child of two theater professionals, Andrew grew up backstage and has since perceived art as a meaningful way to communicate his experiences of the world. At the  Savannah College of Art and Design, Andrew studied painting and printmaking, building a studio practice that works across new media, painting, and the built environment. Andrew looks forward to meeting and supporting fellow contemporary artists in his role as Studio Associate, meanwhile helping to develop unique art experiences for our clients and partners. Coming to Denver by way of Savannah and Las Vegas, Andrew is eager to immerse himself in the Denver arts community and grow his art curation and acquisition skills with the support of our award-winning studio team. 

Amy Brown

Studio Associate

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Amy is a NINE dot ARTS Studio Associate whose personal passion for creating artwork makes her an excellent addition to our studio team. Amy studied Visual Arts and Marketing at the University of San Diego, but has since moved back to her hometown of Denver where she has her own studio space in the River North Arts District and participates in the Dairy Block’s First Friday Art Walks. Amy’s large-scale paintings are inspired by her strong belief in art’s ability to build connections across differences and express emotions beyond words. Her work aims to convey her experience of being Asian in America and her journey towards self-acceptance. When she’s not painting or helping to curate custom collections for our clients, Amy enjoys spending time with friends and family and supporting local galleries and coffee shops. 

Samantha Skeen

Studio Associate

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Samantha joins NINE dot ARTS as a Studio Associate following her recent graduation from CU Boulder with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Minor in Art History. As a concert lover and frequent attendee to Denver’s famous Santa Fe Arts District, Samantha is eager to support the artistic talent in her local community and beyond. She looks forward to building her curatorial and acquisition skills while elevating the work of emerging artists. When she’s not supporting our studio team, Samantha enjoys camping and running with her dog, enjoying jasmine tea at an outdoor patio, and tending her to house plants.

Art Acquisition

Stephanie Moore

Director of Operations

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Stephanie joins NINE dot ARTS with 13 years of project management experience in the development and construction industry, including several years as a commercial property manager. In addition to being an owner’s representative for the construction of multi-family and office buildings, Stephanie has opened three restaurants for  a developer and has worked for a commercial general contractor and a commercial playground firm. The common thread throughout her career has been her passion for making things work. According to Stephanie, no matter the system, process, or problem – there’s always a solution! So, you can imagine our delight when Stephanie became our Director of Operations, overseeing everything from sourcing suppliers to project budgeting and reporting. But what made us really excited was Stephanie’s unique background in the arts, which she claims has been her secret weapon in several positions. Though it may not have led to a studio or teaching role, Stephanie’s degree in fine arts gave her a nuanced approach to problem solving and creative thinking, making her an excellent arts administrator and project manager.  Outside her home office in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stephanie enjoys hiking nearby mountains and beaches. She also reclaimed an old hobby during the pandemic and has since become an avid “mini-maker,” creating all sorts of miniature pieces for dollhouses. (Check her out on Instagram @shelter_dollhouse if you’re interested!) Stephanie supports the arts community by visiting galleries (and trying very hard not to touch the art) and continuously adding to her vibrant local pottery collection.

Sophia Davidson

Operations Coordinator

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A Detroit, Michigan native, Sophia joins NINE dot ARTS with a BA in Art History from the University of Michigan, where she studied Latin American art, surrealism and modern/contemporary art, and global politics. Her education and upbringing in Michigan inspired many of her personal values and interests, including her love of history, social studies, art, urban planning, and community building. Prior to joining our team, Sophia worked as an immigration paralegal, a consignment manager for an auction house, and even an art consultant! Additionally, she supported various programs and events while working for the education department at the University of Michigan’s Museum of Art. Such roles have helped Sophia learn to leverage her exceptional project management skills toward arts oriented community engagement. As our Atlanta-based Operations Coordinator, she looks forward to growing these skills while building creative, innovative solutions that will serve her long-term professional goals – one of which is to pursue her master’s in Urban Planning and Public Policy to build beautiful, accessible, and sustainable places.    Outside the office, you can find Sophia enjoying all nature has to offer – from the birds to the bees to the wind. A self-identified “serial hobbyist,” Sophia also enjoys photography, ceramics, and taking art classes to pick up new skills. Sophia supports the creative economy by amplifying artists’ work on social media and attending art and cultural events in Atlanta whenever possible. 

Donnie MacDonald

Senior Project Manager

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Donnie MacDonald is a passionate project management professional with 20 years of experience in the full-service custom production industry. As our Senior Project Manager, Donnie combines his fine art training and interests in art, history, and museums with his expertise in operations, creative problem solving, project development, and team-building to produce incredible installations that bring to life our clients’ brand.  Prior to joining NINE dot ARTS, Donnie held roles as the Vice President of Operations for Condit Exhibits and PG Exhibits, where he led multidisciplinary teams through the estimation, manufacturing, project management, and installation of a range of themed exhibits and interactive experiences. Donnie’s professional career has taken him across the country and includes everything from creative direction for corporate events and set decoration and prop construction for the theater and film industry, to project management for commercial construction projects and production management for trade show exhibits. In each role, he’s enjoyed leveraging his creativity and curiosity to solve problems proactively, positively, and collaboratively. Donnie received his Bachelors of Fine Art from the Kansas City Art Institute where he studied industrial design and graphic design.  Outside the office, you can find Donnie traveling, experiencing new museums, and trying new food with his wife and children. They also enjoy “staycations” that allow them to embrace Colorado’s year-round adventures, from biking and hiking to snowboarding and concert-going.

India Stevens, CAPM

Project Manager

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It was love that brought India from Atlanta to Denver–and we’re glad she made that move! This Georgia State University graduate adapted skills honed in an Event and Meeting Management career to benefit the NINE dot ARTS’ Acquisitions team where her organization and systems management shines. She also completed her Project Management Institute Exam in 2022, becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). In 2023, India received her certificate in Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Northwestern University. She enjoys working in the arts because of the varied stories and experiences that artwork brings to different types of people. A perfect day for India might include candle making, Vinyasa yoga, preparing her famous parmesan-encrusted salmon with her fiancé, petting her Great Dane (left-handedly), or wondering if she’ll ever enjoy anything as fabulous as Cami’s chocolate cake. (Which is an admittedly unusual thought for a person who doesn’t like chocolate!)      

Tara Garland

Project Manager

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As a “Jill of all trades,” Tara makes an excellent project coordinator for NINE dot ARTS, working with our team, clients, and partners to bring our art experiences to life. Born in Kansas City, Tara studied Organizational Development and Film Studies at Vanderbilt University. As the Editor of the Literary Arts Magazine and Chair of the Vanderbilt Film Festival, she developed a passion for working with artists, learning their inspirations, and sharing their stories to uplift their careers.    Her interest in helping people fulfill their personal and professional goals led her to work as a Certified Financial Planner for eight years, developing marketing and educational content, analyzing internal processes, and creating an efficient yet intimate client experience. When she’s not coordinating the many facets of a client’s art experience, Tara enjoys scuba diving, painting, and backpacking. She also loves to travel and has visited over 40 countries. Tara supports the arts community by learning about local art, cultural traditions, and cuisine on her travels, as well as attending art fairs in the Denver area. 

Caitlin Ibadulla

Art Logistics Coordinator

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Caitlin Ibadulla joins NINE dot ARTS with over 15 years of experience in the museum field. As a longtime history lover, Caitlin is fascinated by the “who” and “how” behind artwork – the stories embedded in each piece. Prior to joining NINE dot ARTS, Caitlin worked as a registrar at the Andy Warhol Museum and she is currently a member of The Association of Registration and Collection Specialists (ARCS). She enjoys taking on the challenges of art storage organization and complicated shipping logistics. Outside the office, Caitlin and her husband enjoy trying new restaurants and breweries, as well as adding to their gallery wall featuring local artists from the places they have lived.


Raquel Mideau

Director of Marketing

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They say advertising is a mix of art and science, a Yin-Yang profession where teams of creative minds take hard business data and market insights and transform them into ideas that must break through and resonate with diverse audiences.   After spending the last decade+ as an account director for a boutique marketing firm and serving clients around the globe, Raquel Mideau is the embodiment of that. The agency life gave Raquel the chance to team with a colorful collection of artists and writers as they helped solve all types of business challenges from Georgia to Germany. It also helped hone her command of the modern marketing tactics and classic marketing principles she’s using to bring our mission to more companies that love and value art’s impact the way we do. For Raquel, her role as Marketing Manager at NINE dot ARTS delivers a professional symmetry she can’t resist – she’s someone who’s always loved the art of marketing, and now, gets to love the marketing of art.   A first generation American born in New Jersey to a pair of proud and brave Dominican parents, Raquel has made Atlanta her home for most of her adult life. She, her husband, and young son actively enjoy and support the city’s vibrant progressivism – but, she grew up and graduated from college in Florida, so the beach is her true love and where she goes to refuel her spirit.

Olivia Dahlquist

Marketing Manager

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Olivia creates cohesive storytelling materials across a range of platforms to raise NINE dot ARTS’ brand awareness and share the social impact of our award-winning curatorial work.  Olivia comes to us with degrees in Community and Nonprofit Leadership, Global Health, and Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has a Masters of Arts-Business in Art and Creative Enterprise Leadership from the Bolz Center for Arts Administration in the UW School of Business. Prior to joining NINE dot ARTS, Olivia served as the Assistant Director of the UW-Madison 4W Initiative, an effort to advance women and wellbeing in Wisconsin and the world. In addition to overseeing 4W’s marketing efforts, Olivia provided programmatic leadership and administrative support to several arts oriented, research-to-action programs that address gender equity and wellbeing. With skills in marketing and communications, nonprofit management, arts administration, and program and event planning, Olivia has a breadth of knowledge that she is eager to contribute to our growing firm. As the daughter of an artist and a marketer, Olivia has a natural affinity for art and storytelling, and is passionate about purpose-driven work that leverages the arts for social change. Olivia looks forward to putting her passion and skills to work to demonstrate why the art and business sectors need each other: to create community, strengthen our economy, and build connections across differences.  Olivia supports the Denver arts community by attending arts and entrepreneurial events of all kinds and amplifying artists’ work on social media. Outside the office, you can find her hiking, reading, playing volleyball, and strolling Sloan’s Lake Park with her dog Roscoe.

Natalie Greenberg

lead designer

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Natalie, a Denver native, was deeply immersed in the local art scene from a young age and became a part of the NINE dot ARTS team in 2017. Starting as a Studio Assistant, she contributed to art installations and related tasks. However, her trajectory swiftly evolved as her design expertise propelled her into a pivotal role, supporting the team with digital content and presentations. Now, Natalie plays a central role in shaping a distinct brand design style for NINE dot ARTS across online and offline channels. Her passion for the art industry is underscored by her deep satisfaction from facilitating recognition for those who produce exceptional work. Beyond her impressive design skills, Natalie is equally adept at technology troubleshooting and boasts a valuable collection of “life hacks” contributing to the team’s efficiency. Outside the office, Natalie channels her creativity into crafting handmade leather accessories at Animal Handmade. She enjoys embarking on adventures searching for sweet treats and is often found engrossed in a fantasy world through an audiobook or a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Natalie holds a degree in Industrial Design from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Kristel Rodriguez Peacock

Marketing Manager

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Kristel is a Marketing Manager with over six years of experience building and scaling customer acquisitions and sales for both start-ups and established companies in healthcare, education, fashion, and other industries. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from William Carey University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Concentration in Marketing and Management. Additionally, she was the Honors College President and spent a trimester as a William Carey Student Ambassador at Linyi University in Linyi, China.

Originally from Panama City, Panama and now an Atlanta resident, Kristel brings a range of professional and cultural expertise to our team. In addition to speaking English, Spanish, and Mandarin, she serves on Atlanta’s Board of Young Professionals as the Marketing Chair and Treasurer and has experience as a Pi Kappa Delta Speech and Debate National Champion.

In her role as NINE dot ARTS Marketing Manager, Kristel looks forward to promoting the transcendent nature of art and its ability to connect people across languages, identities, and expertise.

In her free time, Kristel enjoys traveling, creating art, playing tennis, and exploring her city. She is also a foodie and ice cream lover, board game aficionado, and salsa and merengue dancer.

Office & Accounting

Riana Casas

Office Manager

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Riana joined NINE dot ARTS in 2021 as our Office Manager and a lifelong artist and arts advocate. She graduated from the College of Saint Rose in her home state of New York with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking and a minor in Psychology. Since then, her creative and professional pursuits have been fueled by an interest in the therapeutic benefits of art and art making.  Riana has worked in visitor services and educational programming in various museum settings across the country, including for New York’s Dia Beacon Museum and the Museum of Metropolitan Arts, as well as Florida’s Wolfsonian-FIU anthropological museum, the Perez Art Museum Miami, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami. She also helped launch and grow Bad Juju in Miami, a hospitality start-up that taught her the ins and outs of business and entrepreneurship.  Upon moving to Denver, Riana worked for the Mental Health Center of Denver and the creative workspace Upstairs Circus, feeding her passions for therapy and art. She was also the office manager and culture crusader of TURNER, a Denver-originated PR firm. Riana supports the Denver art community by being teaching artist for the Art Garage in Park Hill, serving the community through watercolor, embroidery, and printmaking classes for adults and teens. Her work can also be found around our Denver office, where she spreads joy and belonging through her watercolor birthday cards, company-wide painting activities, and more. NINE dot ARTS is fortunate to benefit from Riana’s rich career path, and to learn from her many talents in art, business, and creative advocacy. 

Janet Farias

Executive Assistant

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Janet was born in Los Angeles and moved to Colorado as a child when her parents fell in love with the state. She has always been creative and has always loved art and the stories it can interpret. Working as an Executive Assistant at an amazing architectural and interior design firm gave Janet a newfound passion for interior design. Ambitious to be a part of the Interior Design world, she returned to school and is currently working towards receiving her Bachelors in Fine Arts of Interior Design from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Janet loves that at NINE dot ARTS she is the Executive Assistant to two boss ladies, as women will eventually run the world, just as Beyonce predicted. Janet enjoys working in the art industry because it allows her to see and understand how art impacts its environment and how one interacts with it. The one thing she enjoys more than shopping is spending time outdoors with her family doing activities such as snowboarding, swimming, and hiking. She also enjoys audible books and listening to podcasts (her current favorite is the Michelle Obama Podcast). Janet has always found ways to give back to her community and enjoys volunteering at Project Angel Heart and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.