Connecting the Lines Between People and Spaces

As the color of Konstantin Dimopoulos’ Blue Trees in the Denver Theatre District began to fade, our dots were hard at work planning the next phase of the Terra Firma series. In October, New York-based artist Shantell Martin arrived in Denver to create her largest installation to date and leave her mark on our city. The sidewalks in the District became the perfect canvas for Martin’s signature meditation of black and white lines.


The resulting installation transformed one of the most overlooked elements of the public realm into a work of art that inspired introspection, conversation and documentation of experiences (often in the form of photography for Instagram, naturally). Martin also installed much-needed street seating that reads Don’t Hide You + Me, providing a spot for passersby to soak in the magnitude and messages of her work.

Thanks to a protective coating, Martin’s work will remain in place for up to three years, opening the door for countless interactions between conventioneers, workers, residents, and the installation.

Stay tuned to learn about the next phase of the Terra Firma series (hint: it involves a one-of-kind artist incubator that will leave you dreaming.)

Photography Credit: Jon Paciaroni