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Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Episode 32

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“People tend to make a decision about how they feel about a space within 90 seconds of walking in the door,” says Tyler Lundsgaard, former Vice President of Design Construction for Experience Senior Living. As a developer of senior living communities from coast to coast, Lundsgaard knows firsthand how important it is to make a powerful first – and lasting – impression for residents and their visitors. He and host Martha Weidmann reflect on the value of art, culture, and community-oriented design to create those memorable moments – especially in places that people call home. From enhancing ADA features to supporting wayfinding, reflection, and “dignification,” this podcast episode reinforces art and culture as powerful placemaking tools that bridge the gap between healthcare and home, meanwhile creating a luxurious backdrop for conversations across generations. 

Discussed in the Episode: 
Evergreen Devco Inc.
Experience Senior Living
NexCore Group
RFID Access Control
The Reserve at Lone Tree
Tall Tales Ranch
The Gallery in Spokane, Washington
Senior Living Community in Richmond, Virginia
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Meow Wolf Denver – Convergence Station
Asset Based Community Development

About Tyler Lundsgaard, Director of Development for Evergreen Devco:
Tyler Lundsgaard is the Colorado Multifamily Director of Development for Evergreen Devco, Inc., a Denver-based real estate company that specializes in retail, commercial, and multifamily development. He was formerly the Vice President of Design and Construction for Experience Senior Living, a division of the healthcare based NexCore Group, where he helped develop several senior living communities at the intersection of healthcare and luxury. Tyler studied architecture at Iowa State University and received his MBA in Real Estate from Florida State University.

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