Attending conferences and expositions on behalf of NINE dot ARTS has provided multiple opportunities to connect with the clients and artists that support and grow our business. While our focus at these events is always geared toward forming new relationships, strengthening existing ones, and absorbing as much content as possible, we’re often underwhelmed by the experiential strategies designed to attract and engage conference attendees.


While canvas tote bags can come in handy for future grocery store runs, these types of giveaways don’t usually achieve their intended goal: to create a memorable moment that prompts you to pick up the phone and reach out.

That’s why we decided to reimagine the experience with our partners Sage Hospitality, a developer, owner and operator of some of the best hotels and restaurants in world, at an off-site “tent” during the Americas Lodging Investment Summit in Los Angeles.

As an art consulting and curating firm known for vision, creativity and a forward-thinking approach to enhancing spaces with memorable art experiences, we wanted to showcase how our philosophy leaves a lasting impact by connecting people to places they cherish and brands they love.

MEANINGFUL ART AT A HOTEL … CONFERENCERather than stealing a page from the conference exhibition handbook, we did something that we do for our clients every single day – transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

We enlisted Denver-based artist Michael Dowling to create one-of-a-kind charcoal sketches that reflected the personalities and interests of our visitors. Getting to know each person who walked through the door, Michael not only connected with them on a personal level, but also created a captive audience for us to share our signature approach to cultivating a memorable guest experience.

This style of activation also allowed us to curate more of an experience than a conversation for the decisionmakers we met with and reinforced the important role that meaningful art plays in hospitality settings.

Just take a look at some of Michael’s creations:

MEANINGFUL ART AT A HOTEL … CONFERENCEAs a unique addition to an otherwise jam-packed hotel investment conference, we hope we were able to communicate how art can become a powerful visual expression of a story, a brand and a place.