Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Inside an Art District’s First Hotel

The Ramble Hotel, the first hotel in Denver’s booming River North (RiNo) neighborhood, opened in May 2018 with a specific type of traveler in mind: those who like to wander without a destination (i.e. to ramble) and appreciate timeless elegance in a worldly yet contemporary setting. NINE dot ARTS curated the hotel’s art program for the Gravitas Development Group to entice this target clientele, as well as elevate the hotel’s setting as a gateway into the RiNo Art District.

Embracing the ethos of rambling, the hotel’s art collection emphasizes adventure and exploration. Featuring over 250 pieces, including nearly 100 pieces from artists who live or work in Denver, the art and design have come together to create an impressive and inspiring atmosphere for those who wander within.

Lobby art curated by NINE dot ARTS at The Ramble hotel in Denver's RiNo Art District.

The stunning lobby of the three-story hotel, designed by JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE, is home to famed New York cocktail bar Death & Co. Therefore, the art program is designed to appeal to hotel guests and restaurant-goers alike in a space embraces the uniqueness of its art district location.

Guest room art curated by NINE dot ARTS at The Ramble hotel in Denver's RiNo Art District.

Especially unique within the hotel industry is the inclusion of a salon style wall above the headboard in each of the 50 guest rooms. The gallery walls were designed to be unique to each room layout and enhance the hotel’s rich furnishings, while creating a true salon experience through variety of mediums and frame types. Much like collecting souvenirs and “treasures” as you travel, the NINE dot ARTS team collected items from a variety of sources, including antique malls and vintage stores, to feature alongside the work of local artists.

Enjoy a virtual wander through some of The Ramble’s featured artworks below:

Hi Bear by Becca Tapert, curated by NINE dot ARTS for The Ramble hotel in Denver's RiNo Art District.

Hi Bear by Becca Tapert | giclee print

Becca Tapert’s “Hi Bear” offers a warm greeting to guests relaxing in a nook adjacent to the reception desk.

Art by Deborah Oropallo, curated by NINE dot ARTS for The Ramble hotel in Denver's RiNo Art District.

Knockout and Lion Tamer by Deborah Or | pigment prints on hanenuhle paper

Deborah Oropallo, associated with Denver’s renowned Robischon Gallery has two stunning works that flank the front desk. The composite works are comprised of layers that create a dynamic interplay between figure, space and time.

Bird by Heather Oelklaus | ultra chrome archive pigment prints of cyanotype on braille page originals

A series of hand puppet shadows from local artist Heather Oelklaus are featured along the second and third floor corridors. These ten images of hand puppet representations, including a goose, dog, child, cowboy, and giraffe, invoke the nostalgia and adventure of a childhood slumber party while reminding the viewer that there are many ways to see the world around us.

All a Man Could Want art by Laura Shill curated by NINE dot ARTS for The Ramble hotel in Denver's RiNo Art District.

All a Man Could Want by Laura Shill | cyanotype print

A gallery wall along the staircase from the first to second floors offers an eclectic collection of both 2D and 3D art includes prints from local artist Laura Shill. In her Absent Lovers series, Laura Shill removes all but one lover from the cover of a romance novel. These cyanotype prints guide the viewer up the stairwell surrounded by framed ephemera of an affair.  In a love affair two histories are written by two authors. What is saved and what is left behind?

Raven Sky by Vin Zzep | giclee print

Each guest room features a salon wall unique to the room’s configuration. Antique lithographs, vintage postcards, astrological star charts and compasses are interspersed with contemporary local photography, giclee prints and mixed media works creating a collection one might amass on worldly travels. The spirit of adventure and the treasures collected along the way enlivens each unique guest room and embodies the spirit of rambling, wandering without a set destination.