Capturing the Human Experience at the Intersection of Branding and Placemaking with Amy Levi

Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Episode 61

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“The best places have one foot in memory and one foot in prophecy,” says Amy Levi, CEO and co-founder of the branding and placemaking firm Strada Made, which has helped develop the brand story for some of the most ambitious and innovative real estate projects across the U.S. Amy shares about the unique challenges and opportunities associated with creating a community brand, from tapping into the human experience and harnessing local assets to evolving and “future proofing” that brand over time. She and host Martha McGee also discuss the development of Denver’s River Mile Metropolitan District, emphasizing the role of art, culture, and placemaking to craft the vision and narrative for what will soon become the city’s most walkable, sustainable neighborhood on the banks of the South Platte River.

Discussed in the Episode: 
Great Park Neighborhoods
El Toro Marine Base
River Mile
Revesco Properties
Shears Adkins Rockmore
Andy Rockmore
Windsor Dairy
Revesco Properties
Centerra South
Santa Fe Arts District
Oxland Advisors
Two Step Farm
High Line
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About Amy Levi:
CEO Amy Levi co-founded Strada Made over 25 years ago with this simple, guiding idea: be true, have fun, and do the unexpected (always in that order). Strada is a group of placemakers, storytellers, strategists, and brand creators who help create extraordinary places, anchored in the sound principles of respect, authenticity, and sustainability. And because they tend to enjoy long-term involvement with the places they work on, they not only help to originate but to evolve these brands over years and even decades. The way Strada thinks about community-building is less about selling a product and more about getting human, inviting people into a conversation and giving life to a new way of life. Strada’s point of view is shaped by Amy’s roots in cultural anthropology and the belief that placemaking is an honor and a responsibility – one that requires an inexhaustible curiosity for what has come before and what will come next.

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