Challenging Sameness with Art and Culture with Chris Frampton

Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Episode 28

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As a longtime advocate of the arts, CEO of East West Partners Chris Frampton emphasizes the value that arts and cultural initiatives bring to the real estate development process – from promoting public investment to building both awareness and community around new projects. 

Chris discussed art and culture as solution-oriented tools for “challenging sameness,” engaging locals, and creating meaningful, enduring places where people want to be. When asked to describe such places, Chris shared, “A terrific place is one that is active, that organically creates community among residents, that is beautiful, of incredibly high-quality, and is a place that people really care about for the long haul.” Listen to the episode to learn more about the placemaking efforts that lead to “terrific” destinations from coast to coast. 

Discussed in the Episode: 

About Chris Frampton, CEO of East West Partners:

As CEO and Managing Partner of East West Partners, Chris Frampton oversees all of the company’s development and sales activities. With East West pioneering new communities in Charleston, Denver, Snowmass, Deer Valley, and Kauai, Chris works with folks from coast to coast and helps guide these destinations toward the future. From his perspective, the agenda is actually quite simple: “We build places that put people first, where the experience drives design and sustainability governs construction techniques.”

Chris is a founding member and the board President for the Civic Center Conservancy, the City of Denver’s private partner at Civic Center Park. He is also Board Chair for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization, as well as a member of the Board of Governors for the Denver Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

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