Community Satisfaction in the Multifamily Market with Elizabeth Meyers

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Episode 43

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“Art makes a giant impact on people’s decision making, whether they know it or not,” says Elizabeth Meyers, Director of Client Services at Kairoi Residential. Based on more than 12 years in the multifamily market, Elizabeth says people tend to make a decision about whether or not they want to live in a space within 10 seconds of walking in, which means the artwork plays a critical role. And for Karioi, it’s just one of the tools they use to attract, retain, and satisfy tenants. Other elements that contribute to the resident experience include accessible amenities, creative events, local partnerships, and other unique offerings that help tenants connect to each other and to the greater community.

Such experiences contribute to what Elizabeth and Kairoi call “the art of neighboring,” a philosophy that links relationship building and community connections to happier, healthier living. Additionally, Elizabeth discusses trends in the multifamily industry related to artificial intelligence, customer service, and collaborative spaces that allow people to be “together apart.” Tune in to get all the secrets on what makes a multifamily property stand out and create a social impact. 

Discussed in the Episode: 
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Lincoln Property Company
MAD Architects
The Confluence
Edison at Rino
Inspire Residential
Aspire 7th and Grant
The Infinite Monkey Theorem
Anschutz Entertainment Group
Jonathan Saiz
Curate at Orchard Town Center
The Harvard Gazette Study on Happiness and Community
Vatican Museums
The Louvre
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About Elizabeth Meyers:
Elizabeth Meyers is Kairoi Residential’s Director of Client Services based in the Denver market. With over 12 years of leadership in the multifamily industry, Elizabeth brings expertise in social outreach, marketing, relationship building, and property operations. Having managed for over 20 clients in 9 states, she is well versed in lease-ups, value adds, repositioning, and all classes of asset types. Her history in design and understanding of residents’ needs has led her to spearhead thousands of unit renovations and other capital improvement projects, as well as become a sought-after pre-construction consultant on luxury ground-up developments. Elizabeth previously worked with leading companies such as Lincoln Property Company and Aspen Square Management. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Psychology from the University of Montana.

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