Crafting Place-based Design Stories in Hospitality and Multifamily Developments with Marit Jensen

Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Episode 53

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As a Senior Associate and Studio Team Lead at the global architecture, design, strategy, and branding firm MG2 Design, Marit Jensen knows firsthand the profound role that design plays in storytelling, community building, and shaping the built environment. This episode explores project collaborations between NINE dot ARTS and MG2, such as the Winslow Apartments in San Diego by our real estate development partners, Quarterra. Marit and host Martha Weidmann explore how the property’s art and design work together to enhance one another and honor the local character of the neighborhood, infusing it with color and charisma. The episode also explores the social responsibilities of those influencing the built environment, describing innovative ways that projects can leverage art and design to achieve sustainability and social impact goals. 

Discussed in the Episode: 
Salish Lodge & Spa
Clyfford Still Museum
Denver Art Museum
University Heights
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About Marit Jensen:
With over fifteen years of experience spanning both architectural and interior design, Marit Jensen specializes in crafting place-based design stories for hospitality and multifamily design challenges. She is equally passionate about collaborating with the broader design and construction teams, as she believes that coordination and design detailing are as important as the big picture vision.

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