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Episode 48

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In this podcast episode, acclaimed architect, urbanist, and curator Madeleine Kessler shares about several award-winning, experimental projects intended to make a positive social impact on people and the planet through inclusivity, social equity, and community wellbeing. She and host Martha Weidmann discuss how art, architecture, and design can be used to spark economic and social change in the built environment, from helping create regulatory standards for temporary accommodations such as shelters or prisons, to supporting the development of parks and public spaces designed specifically for women and girls.  Additionally, they explore the role of an architect as a “facilitator of events” – someone who can bring diverse stakeholders together to reimagine what a place can become and make our cities less lonely, more accessible, and ripe full of opportunities for connection and joy.

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Mycelium Project
The Garden of Privatised Delights
United Kingdom National Infrastructure Council
Play Without Grounds by VPPR
Make Space for Girls

About Madeleine Kessler:
Madeleine is an architect, curator, and urbanist dedicated to designing joyful, people-centered places that contribute positively to our planet. Her interests lie in the social aspects of spatial life, which she has explored through a number of award-winning experimental projects over the past decade. She was co-curator of the British Pavilion at the 17th International Venice Architecture Biennale, with the exhibition The Garden of Privatized Delights.

Passionate about embedding a holistic approach to design in the evolution of the city, Madeleine is a member of the Ebbsfleet Design Forum and the National Infrastructure Commission’s Design Group, where she contributed to the first ever Design Principles for National Infrastructure. She is a Visiting Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and also teaches at the Architectural Association and London School of Architecture, where she is a member of the Access & Participation Steering Group. She is regularly invited to guest-lecture and critique internationally, including at Seoul Museum of Art, HEAD Geneva, Harvard GSD, and IUniversité du Luxembourg; and to lead workshops, including for the National Saturday Club, Tate Modern, and Open City.

Madeleine brings over a decade of practice experience, having previously worked on cultural, civic, and master planning projects at Haworth Tompkins, Studio Weave, and HHF Architects.

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