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Episode 29

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This episode of dot dot dot features Melissa Haft, Head of Environments Design at the innovative, family-friendly vacation rental business, Overmoon. Melissa discusses Overmoon’s focus on inclusive design and customer experience, with an eye toward the needs of women and caregivers whose vacation preferences may include both the comfort and convenience of home and the luxurious amenities of a hotel. Melissa emphasizes the role that art, culture, and community play in striking a balance between “home” and “vacation,” creating feelings of comfort and connection while nodding to the surrounding culture and character of the property’s locale. “Art is such an important opportunity to create design impact,” says Melissa, “as well as root the destination to the home…leaving a lasting memory that lingers with the guest.”

Discussed in the Episode: 
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About Melissa Haft, Head of Environments Design at Overmoon:

Melissa Haft is Head of Environments Design at Overmoon, a provider of vacation rentals aimed at revolutionizing the vacation rental industry by offering family-friendly rentals that merge home and hotel. Prior to joining Overmoon, Melissa worked as a Senior Design Director at Two Roads Hospitality and then as the Director of Design and Planning for the Lifestyle Studio at Hyatt Hotels. With over a decade of hospitality experience, Melissa is passionate about creating dynamic, inspiring environments that elevate the guest experience. She also loves to travel and takes interest in the artistic legacies of different cultures, approaching the design conceptualization process with this same thoughtful exploration and quest for authenticity. Melissa received her bachelor of arts at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and her professional certification at UCLA Extension’s Interior Architectural Design program.

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