The Competitive Advantage of DEI with Karl Sona

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Episode 40

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“A synergist between W/MBEs and corporations,” Karl Sona is on a mission to build economic inclusion by connecting minority-owned businesses with global corporations. In this important episode, he and host Martha Weidmann discuss how businesses should think about diversity, equity, and inclusion as both a social responsibility and an opportunity to create a competitive edge. They also explore what companies can do to champion DEI in the workplace by encouraging people to always show up as their most authentic selves. Karl unpacks terms like “code switching,” “the principle of polarity,” and how to leverage vulnerability toward stronger and more inclusive leadership.  

Discussed in the Episode: 
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About Karl Sona:
Karl Sona is the Founder and CEO of The Kas Company, Co-founder and Head of Partnerships at Streamlined Media, and host of the podcast, Dear Black CEO. As a first-generation immigrant from Cameroon, Karl quickly learned the values of opportunity and hard work backed by a determined mindset, as he watched his parents navigate a new country in search of a better life for the family. After seeing a privately held company – where he was the top salesperson for years – sell for nine figures, Karl began to recognize the gap between minority owned enterprises and large corporations that want to do business with one another. 

Karl believes that there is tremendous profitability in economic inclusion and that the current economic disparity is not just a black versus white issue. It’s a significant problem that affects all of us as Americans, including our ability to remain a competitive power in the global economy. As minority owned firms grow, our local and regional economies grow. This is why Karl is committed to helping minority owned firms grow into larger enterprises through the development of partnerships with large companies he has built relationships with around the globe.

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