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Episode 59

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“Know thyself, see thyself, be thyself.” These are the pillars of the Authentic Agreements of Leadership Engagement Framework created by changemaker Simone Ross. In this insightful podcast episode, Simone elaborates on this framework and other best practices related to workforce diversity, equity, inclusion, and allyship – from learning how to have “courageous conversations,” to building healthy relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability. Host Martha McGee interviews Simone about her important work as CEO of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director of the Colorado Women’s Chamber Foundation, and CEO and founder of the change management firm, Simone D. Ross Consulting. Together they explore how each of these roles – and Simone’s tenure in the corporate sector – have informed her development of various culture-shifting practices, programs, and workshops that can create social and financial benefits for organizations and communities at large.

Discussed in the Episode: 
Black Women Are Safer Working From Home TedX Talk
Crown Act
Black Lives Matter Movement
Museum for Black Girls 
Artist Jordan Casteel
Simone D. Ross Consulting
Colorado Women’s Chamber Foundation
Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce
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About Simone Ross:
Simone is the CEO of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the Executive Director of the Colorado Women’s Chamber Foundation. At an early age, Simone realized the reality of societal disparities in marginalized communities. In an effort to catalyze change and elevate opportunities for women and people of color, Simone founded Simone D. Ross, LLC, a consulting firm with the vision of catalyzing human thriving. Simone uses her 16+ years of corporate experience to bring voice to the importance of creating equity within business enterprises. She also brings a refreshing voice and insight to many events as a Host and Auctioneer, where she facilitates inspiring experiences, content, and presentations to “ignite the light” in participants. 

Simone has a diverse professional background with experience working in large, mid-size, small, and start-up companies. She’s a high-velocity leader in the functions of operations, executive leadership, business expansion, program development, and mergers and acquisitions. Simone holds a Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration from Colorado State University. She has been recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a “40 Under 40” business leader; the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women; the Association for Corporate Growth as a David Sloan Business Scholar; and by the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce as a community service champion. She is a graduate of Leadership Denver and the Colorado State Chamber of Commerce CACI Executive Leadership Program, as well as an Urban Leadership Foundation Chamber Connect alumna.

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