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Episode 55

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As an architect, designer, urban planner, placemaker, storyteller, and Associate Principal at ZGF Architects, Lilly Djaniants wears many hats. But perhaps her most important role is “community builder.” In this inspiring podcast episode, Lilly shares about her work planning and developing both physical and social infrastructure from Armenia to Denver and many places in between, emphasizing her belief in creating vibrant places where people can live purposeful, healthy lives. From exploring art’s role as an economic stimulator to discussing how to build consensus across a wide range of stakeholders, this episode has fantastic insights for anyone working to shape the built environment for the better.

Discussed in the Episode: 
ZGF Architects
Dilijan, Armenia
Naoshima Island, Japan
Dairy Block
Art Experience at Dairy Block
River Mile
Art and Culture Strategy for River Mile
Lilly Djaniants on LinkedIn

About Lilly Djaniants:
Lilly Djaniants is an Associate Principal with ZGF Architects. Most recently she was a Principal Urban Designer for the City of Denver, where she spearheaded the Downtown Area Plan Amendment, Downtown Design Standards and Guidelines, the Far Northeast Area Plan, Speer Blvd Feasibility Study, and post-Pandemic recovery of Downtown Denver. She has 18 years of experience and leadership roles in visioning, managing and designing complex urban design, city planning, and architecture projects, working in public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors in Denver, New York City, and Yerevan. 

Her concentration is on long-term master plan and area plan developments, neighborhood planning, regional planning, development of regulatory packages, and high-end architectural design and construction management. 

Prior to her role with the City of Denver, Lilly worked for the IDeA Foundation and Tim Flynn Architects in Yerevan, where she was involved in various projects including spearheading the master planning of the city of Dilijan in Armenia and the development of a new Eco-Village in Nagorno-Karabakh. Lilly is a Luys Scholar and a graduate of Columbia University where she received a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Design. She is a recipient of the Kinne Fellowship for her postgraduate work on how urban development can begin to initiate both economic and political stability in the post-conflict territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

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