Telling the Story of Life, Warmth and Luxury Through Contemporary Art

The Cherry Creek neighborhood in Denver is one of the city’s most in demand neighborhoods – booming with residential, hospitality and retail development. New to the neighborhood is the St. Paul Collection, one-of-a-kind luxury rentals that emphasize design and lifestyle. The NINE dot ARTS team recently put the finishing touches on the art collection for the common spaces. Inspired by the distinctive energy of the neighborhood and the St. Paul Collection’s luxury interior design elements – think marble, gold and gorgeous wall coverings – the result is one of the most significant contemporary art collections you’ll find in a residential building anywhere in the world.

We worked closely with our client BMC Investments to curate a cohesive collection that sets itself apart through a focus on materiality. The collection features rich and varied media and materials and includes photography, paintings and mixed media artworks from locally, nationally and internationally renowned artists.

“The type of art you’ll find at the St. Paul Collection would most often be found in private collections, so it’s an honor to have these world-class artworks on display in such a public way,” said NINE dot ARTS Art Administrator Kally Mott. “A lot of credit is due to our client and their commitment to the curatorial process that has resulted in a first-class art collection that furthers the St. Paul Collection’s appeal as one of the most desirable places to live in Denver and makes its residents feel at home.”

Kally recently took us on a tour of the artwork as it was being installed, highlighting a few key pieces from the collection.

Kally discusses how the team created an effortless, luxurious and distinctive art collection for the St. Paul Collection:

Landon Metz | Untitled
Dye on canvas

This incredible work has the power to “knock you off your feet” as you enter the lobby. The artist uses a custom ink formula to smoothly apply to the linen to yield visual dynamism and a sense of movement while creating tranquility.  The piece exudes tremendous warmth and color amongst the lobby’s black marble.

Kally shares more about why this is her favorite piece in the collection:

Leon Benn | Morning on Crockett Cove (Deer Isle)
Oil, oil pastel and fabric dyes on linen

Leon’s unique form of paint handling creates depth and remarkable texture in this nature scene. Through the pastel palette, the viewer is transported to a sweet, serene nature hideaway. Similar to Landon Metz, the artist chose to leave spots of the canvas exposed, adding to the composition.

Hear more from Kally on the feelings the piece evokes:

Jonathan Prince | Red
Black Zimbabwe granite

This stunning statement piece by Jonathan Prince stands in the courtyard and is made of 4,000 pounds of black granite from Zimbabwe. The shape is meant to reflect that of a red blood cell, giving the black granite sculpture its name. Prince was previously a plastic surgeon and much of his work is connected to the architecture found within science and biology. Prince is a nationally recognized sculptor and known for his large, immersive, texture focused pieces.