Webinar: 5 Ways Art Improves the Return to Office Experience

As we navigate the post-pandemic landscape, many employers are grappling with how to engage their staff in this new normal. Approximately 50% of business leaders are even asking employees to return to an in-person work environment. But after nearly two years of remote flexibility, how can employers make the return to the office feel exciting, engaging, and worthwhile for their employees?

To find out the answers, watch the recording of our webinar, 5 Ways Art Improves the Return to Office Experience, where NINE dot ARTS Curator Hannah Penny shares insights on…

  • How art can attract employees back to the office
  • The value of art for employee recruitment, retention, and engagement
  • How art inspires productivity and pride
  • How to reflect your company’s brand story and values through art
  • And more!

Want to reap these benefits for your next project?