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Episode 20

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Did you know that 39% of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet come from buildings? And over half of the materials that go into landfills in the US come from construction? These are just a few of the insights shared by Jon Buerge, Chief Development Officer at Urban Villages, in this lesson-loaded podcast episode about the environmental impacts of real estate development. 

Jon emphasizes that as one of the greatest contributors to climate change, the commercial real estate industry must take responsibility for reducing our carbon footprint and creating more efficient and sustainable structures. He shares strategies his team at Urban Villages has implemented to build more mindfully – without sacrificing ROI. Plus, Jon talks about the power of art to preserve a neighborhood’s culture and character, especially in historic renovation projects where significant changes must be made to create more sustainable buildings and streetscapes.

Discussed in the Episode: 
Urban Villages
West Village
RailSpur Seattle
Larimer Square
Dana Crawford
Western Neon

About Jon Buerge, Chief Development Officer, Urban Villages:

Jon Buerge is responsible for new company acquisitions, corporate growth, and strategic positioning of all real estate assets. Previously, Jon oversaw real estate and expansion activities for national restaurant chains as Director of Development and Real Estate for CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries. Jon earned a JD and MBA from the University of Colorado, where he served as both Student Body President and Chair of the CU Honor Council. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics and business finance from CU as well. Currently, Jon is a voting member of Denver’s Climate Action Task Force and serves as Chair of the ULI Building Healthy Places Committee. He guides building policies through the City of Denver as a board member for the Denver Park Trust, the Denver Business Improvement District, the Downtown Denver Partnership, the LoDo District, and the High Performance Buildings Committee.

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