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Episode 15

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Daniel Doyle, Chief Operating Officer of Charleston-based real estate developer The Beach Company, shares his experience building vertical projects throughout the Southeast. He reflects on the value of art and culture to support developers’ responsibilities to deliver quality, thought-provoking projects that positively impact the communities where they do business. Dan tells the story of collaborating with renowned Australian artist Guido van Helten to create an 8-story mural that pays homage to the desegregation of South Carolina schools. The mural portrays Ms. Pearlie Harris, the first African American teacher to teach in Greenville’s public school system post segregation, surrounded by young students. Dan emphasizes the outpouring of community support and goodwill that resulted from this integration of public art and real estate development, which generated tremendous social and financial benefits for the project.

Discussed in the Episode: 
The Beach Company
Guido Van Helten
Greenville Mural by Guido Van Helten
Chrysler Building, Manhattan, New York 

About Daniel Doyle, Chief Operating Officer, The Beach Company:

The Dan Doyle joined The Beach Company in 2004, with the role of expanding the company’s multi-family residential real estate portfolio throughout the southeast. Today, as Chief Operating Officer, Dan is responsible for all development, marketing, and asset and property management functions of The Beach Company. He has more than 25 years of real estate industry experience, with the majority spent in the multifamily development and management sectors. 

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