Conversations on the Lasting Impact of Creative Placemaking

Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Episode 50

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To celebrate our 50th podcast episode, we compiled some of our most memorable interviews from 2023 into a “mini-sode” about the role of art and culture in the built environment. The guests featured range from commercial developers to creative placemaking experts to city planners and our own NINE dot ARTS consultants, who each share unique perspectives on how art has influenced their projects and careers. Guests’ clips explore the ROI of creating placemaking, how to maximize project budgets, why it’s important to integrate art early, and so much more. Altogether, these inspiring stories and insightful tips reinforce the ripple effects created by art and culture – from bringing people together across identity and expertise, to building community pride and stewardship, to encouraging commerce and growing local economies. Tune in below and share the episode to help us celebrate 50 captivating conversations on the power of art and culture!

Episodes Featured: 
Art for Customer Loyalty with Nick Kitaeff
The Business Case for Art in Real Estate with Jaunita Hardy
Memorable Placemaking to Mitigate Risks with Andrea Barry
Public Art for Public Health with Mary Davis Wallace
Making History in Downtown Atlanta with Brian McGowan
Why You Can’t Manufacture Culture with Jaebadiah Gardner

About Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Dot Dot Dot is the continuing conversation around art and placemaking in the built environment. Hosted by NINE dot ARTS CEO Martha Weidmann, episodes explore art, culture, community, and more with a range of reputable business leaders. Tune in biweekly to learn how an original art experience can boost your business and make a social impact. Episodes are available wherever you get your podcasts!