Inspiring Change Through Large-Scale Public Art with Konstantin Dimopoulos

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Episode 64

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Konstantin Dimopoulos, an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist, has long believed in the power of art to raise awareness, spark conversation, and enact positive social change. He has completed several permanent and temporary art installations around the world, including The Blue Trees – an ongoing environmental exhibition about global deforestation – and The Purple Rain – a textual and visual response to homelessness that uses lighting and color to confront viewers with the choice to overlook, explore, or take action. As friends and collaborators, Konstantin and host Martha McGee discuss the impact of temporary art interventions on the public, noting their power to prompt curiosity and consciousness raising. Altogether the episode explores public art as social commentary and its role in driving change towards a more sustainable future for all. 

The Blue Trees at Denver Theatre District. Learn more here.

Discussed in the Episode: 
Konstantin Dimopoulos Art
The Red Forest
The Blue Trees
Friends of the Earth Melbourne
The Disasters of War
Shantell Martin Installation at Denver Theatre District
Stuart Semple Installation at Denver Theatre District
When I Am Among the Trees
And Still I Rise
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About Konstantin Dimopoulos:
Konstantin Dimopoulos is an Egyptian-born Greek artist whose multidisciplinary practice is grounded in his sociological and humanist philosophies. He investigates globally relevant questions related to ecology and the human condition through his socio-environmental interventions and conceptual proposals, which argue for the potential of art as a means of social engagement and change. Dimopoulos fashions a visual language based on thematic and contextual constructions, which is expressed through sculpture, installation, performance, painting, printmaking, and drawing. Inspired by his own diverse cultural and political history, the artist has addressed various issues including emigration, environmental ecocide, homelessness, and genocide. His paintings and sculptures are in public and private collections around the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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