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Episode 19

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Contemporary multimedia artist Michael Gadlin discusses his journey as an artist, activist, and community leader – from working under other artists to employing his own creative teams to now serving as the Executive Director of PlatteForum, an award-winning arts and youth development nonprofit. He and CEO Martha Weidmann reflect on Denver’s growing creative community and strong public art scene, noting the importance of context and collaboration to create something meaningful and everlasting. Michael discusses public art as a vehicle for community activism and shares his experience as a BIPOC leader working to expand opportunities for artists across Denver.

Discussed in the Episode: 
K Contemporary Gallery
Pratt Institute
Marcell Duchamp 
Damien Hirst
Darrel Anderson 
Darrel Anderson Artwork at Denver International Airport
Bluecityjungle for Denver Police Department District 2 Station
Jean-Michael Basquiat

About Michael Gadlin, Executive Director, PlatteForum:

Typified by arresting powers of visual imagery and spatial sophistication, Michael Gadlin’s artistry is an increasingly recognized phenomenon in the art world. Rimmed in spontaneity, his 15-year repertoire expresses a singular uninterrupted brush stroke of Mediterranean, European, and Western influences. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary art form, Michael’s work epitomizes avant-garde. Those who experience Michael’s work often discover an ethereal essence captured that defies explanation. From his early years of surrealistic impressionism until now, Michael’s work reflects an improvisational inventiveness that has garnered a loyal following among the art elite. His artistic conviction that “Direct expressionism is the most meaningful reflection of life” has prompted the evolution of an extremely cogent and intriguing portfolio of 21st century art.

Exhibiting in select galleries and museums nationwide, Michael has been commissioned by governments, Fortune 100 corporations and private collectors, and has been exuberantly heralded in the press. He currently serves as the Executive Director of PlatteForum, an award-winning and innovative arts, youth development, and artist-in-residence program. 

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