Dot Dot Dot Ep.1: Chad McWhinney on the NINE dot ARTS Podcast

“When you learn to work together, that’s when the magic happens.”

Guest Chad McWhinney, CEO at McWhinney
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What happens when you put two innovative entrepreneurs together to talk art, business, and the power of collaboration? A lesson-loaded conversation with inspiring stories and important insights that benefit a range of business professionals. And in the inaugural episode of our new series, Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast, that’s just what you get!

NINE dot ARTS CEO and Co-Founder Martha Weidmann chats with “supernova entrepreneur” Chad McWhinney, CEO and Co-Founder of real estate development leader McWhinney. The pair discuss how commercial real estate, retail, and other industries are trending toward creating authentic experiences for their customers and clientele, acknowledging people’s desire for connection and authenticity in a post-pandemic world. Plus, Chad shares insights about being a lifelong entrepreneur, building diverse teams, using art to tell a brand story, and much more. 

Chad McWhinney

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder at McWhinney
Denver, Colorado

About Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast

In our premiere podcast series, NINE dot ARTS CEO and Co-Founder Martha Weidmann speaks with reputable business leaders to explore how art can create meaningful experiences in the built environment. Interviews bring to life the data behind the 2021 State of the Art Report, which surveyed nearly 200 business professionals from across industries on art’s influence on employee engagement, branding, return on investment, and more. Tune in weekly as we share the stories behind the numbers, giving listeners the inside scoop on the value of art in corporate, leisure, and public spaces. Download the 2021 State of the Art Report to learn more.

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