Dot Dot Dot Ep 7: Caitlyn Ryan on The NINE dot ARTS Podcast

Preserving History Through Art” 

Guest Caitlyn Ryan, Senior Vice President at Stream Realty Partners

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How can artwork make historic places feel exciting and new, while preserving all that makes them special? Discover the answers in our latest podcast with Caitlyn Ryan, Senior Vice President of Development and Investment at Stream Realty Partners, a leading commercial real estate services organization. Caitlyn chats with NINE dot ARTS CEO Martha Weidmann about the power of art and culture in capturing the character of a historic building, while increasing its longevity and popularity among visitors old and new. Tune in now to learn how an intentional art collection can increase the speed of leasing; improve recruitment and retention of visitors, tenants, and employees; and altogether boost a property’s return on investment.

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In our premier podcast series, NINE dot ARTS CEO and Co-Founder Martha Weidmann speaks with reputable business leaders to explore how art can create meaningful experiences in the built environment. Interviews bring to life the data behind the 2021 State of the Art Report, which surveyed nearly 200 business professionals from across industries on art’s influence on employee engagement, branding, return on investment, and more. Tune in weekly as we share the stories behind the numbers, giving listeners the inside scoop on the value of art in corporate, leisure, and public spaces. Download the 2021 State of the Art Report to learn more.

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