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Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Episode 21

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In this episode of Dot Dot Dot, Martha Weidmann talks art, race, real estate, and social equity with Albus Brooks, longtime civic leader and Vice President of Business Development and Public Affairs at Milender White. Albus discusses the history of redlining in the United States and its influence on communities today, emphasizing the need for business leaders to have this foundational background prior to beginning a new development. 

He and Martha also reflect on strategies for building stronger companies and communities, from recruitment and retention tactics to innovative solutions for addressing crime and safety. Albus comments on the private sector’s responsibility to build equity and inclusion into our cities using thoughtful construction and development practices that prioritize art, culture, and community.

Discussed in the Episode: 
Milender White
Young Life
Issachar Center for Urban Leadership 
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Arté Noir at Midtown Square
Nipsey Hustle
The Rossonian
BusBoys and Poets
Slam Nuba

About Albus Brooks, VP of Business Development and Public Affairs, Milender White:

Albus Brooks has a long-standing history of supporting community development and providing servant leadership in Denver. He served for eight years on the Denver City Council for District 9 and two terms as City Council President. He also served as the Director of the Issachar Center for Urban Leadership and as the Outreach and Political Director for John Hickenlooper’s Governor’s campaign. As Vice President of Business Development and Public Affairs, Albus helps guide Milender White’s legacy of developing and constructing equitable and inclusive projects across Colorado and Southern California. He is an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellow, a member of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, and a national leader on urban issues and innovative housing opportunities facing cities.

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