Placemaking Strategies to Enhance the Customer Experience with Jim Goldberg

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Episode 54

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At Red Propeller, a real estate strategy, storytelling, marketing, and sales company, apartment tenants aren’t just people who reside inside the firm’s many multifamily projects. Instead, they’re people whose positive experiences have transformed them into “full fledged fans.” In this episode, Jim Goldberg, Red Propeller’s Customer Experience Lieutenant, describes how his firm works to anticipate tenant needs, develop memorable stories, and turn tenant prospects into brand advocates who support the longevity of a project. Jim also discusses the innovative meaning behind the firm’s namesake and the unique ways they are shifting real estate’s focus from commodities to communities, where everyday experiences shape collective livelihoods.

Discussed in the Episode: 
Red Propeller
MAA Nixie Apartments
MAA Abilene Apartments
Mason & Main Apartments
Yesler Terrace Park
Perry Lane Hotel
Art Collection at Perry Lane Hotel
National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Juxt Apartments
Art Collection at Juxt Apartments
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About Jim Goldberg:
Jim is a dynamic, results-oriented professional who leads efforts across all facets of Red Propeller’s business – from initial market studies, defining target audience segments, and crafting positioning and design strategies of planned projects, through the development and execution of effective marketing and sales strategies. 

Prior to joining Red Propeller, Jim served as the Client Services Director for ek Real Estate Group, a Seattle-based boutique real estate brokerage. Jim led the development, implementation, and execution of the comprehensive marketing and sales strategy for Trace Lofts, a $55M, 142-unit new-construction condominium development on Capitol Hill in Seattle. He directed and coordinated the full spectrum of marketing activities, from strategic planning to execution. In addition, as a member of the company leadership team for a start-up organization, Jim designed and executed company-wide initiatives involving corporate branding, marketing, and client relationship management.

Before his role at ek Real Estate Group, Jim had a long tenure at Nordstrom (a high-end, national specialty retailer with more than 370 stores), beginning in 1985. During his last nine years with the company, he served as International Sales Manager, in which he was responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a key new business strategy to begin marketing and distributing Nordstrom Private Label merchandise for the first time outside of the company through wholesale partnerships with Japanese department stores.

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