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Novel RiNo

Denver, Colorado

  • Multifamily
  • Mountain West
  • Art Curation
  • Crescent Communities
  • Collection features 83% local artists and 33% underrepresented artists

  • 5 site-specific commissions reflect the colorful, enticing nature of the River North Arts District (RiNo)

  • 8 different mediums

  • All original artwork

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The Story

At Novel RiNo Apartments by Crescent Communities, artwork honors the neighborhood’s industrial history while celebrating the artist-fueled revitalization that has made the River North Arts District (RiNo) one of the most desirable living destinations in Denver. Featuring both local and national artists, the collection reinforces the property’s rich, moody interiors, using purposeful materials, lighting, and placement to create mindful moments of discovery and intrigue.

Upon arrival, visitors are immediately greeted by local artist Stephen Shachtman’s Corten steel sculpture depicting a set of rhino horns emerging from the ground. As one of the original artists to call the River North Arts District home, Stephen’s artwork pays homage to the area and its transformation into a vibrant creative district. 

Inside, residents can experience Susie Beihl’s captivating “Allumination” installation made of recycled aluminum cans metal, gold leaf, and gold paint. The piece is complemented by a nearby hanging installation by Mike Lustig entitled “Gilded Storm.” Made of gold mirror, steel, and smoked acrylic, the artwork celebrates “luxury and light…inviting residents and guests to enjoy a moment of beauty amidst the rush of life.”

In the corridor leading to the clubhouse and fitness center, eight art niches display the work of local creatives. Artists like Sandra Fettingis, Ramon Bonilla, Lio Bumbakini, Jeff Richards, Yazmin Atmore, and bunny M. employ a range of mediums – from acrylic and glitter to thread and graphite – to add depth and meaning to the space, eliciting curiosity and wonder as residents navigate the building. Especially notable is the captivating collage of handmade paper and recycled fabric by Lucy Holtsnider, which juxtaposes four mixed-media and found object “skateboards” by Kevin Hennessy

And in the amenity spaces, tenants can enjoy Jason Garcia’s moody, acrylic and enamel mural entitled “Momento” in the fitness center and Daev Momo’s more colorful, vibrant backsplash entitled “Moxy” in the private courtyard.

Altogether, this dynamic collection serves as a visual representation of RiNo and its edgy yet approachable personality. From murals and 2D artwork to mixed-media installations, the apartment’s art program effortlessly combines grit and sophistication to entice both current and future tenants.

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- James Prendeville, General Manager, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Austin

“NINE dot ARTS continues to exceed my expectations. As curators, their ability to identify and source artworks that are immersive and experiential has helped make our property a unique destination.”

- Chad Mcwhinney, CEO and Co-founder, Mcwhinney

NINE dot ARTS did an amazing job finding pieces that tell a story and communicate who we are as a philanthropic organization. The art in our office is a source of joy and pride, and is an essential part of the character of a space that is used by many, many community organizations.”

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“The NINE dot ARTS discovery process made creating a custom art collection, a seemingly daunting task, simple and fun. They truly understood our business and how to visually express what we do in unique and meaningful ways. Their knowledge of the art industry combined with their experience and countless local and national connections are extremely impressive.”

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“NINE dot ARTS was great to work with and made the art selection fun while capturing our story. They captured not only our image, culture and diversity but also those things that are outside the box that make the project feel right.

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Our ability to create authentic experiences for our guests is a key differentiator against our competition, and the art program that NINE dot ARTS created is a prime example. Much of the art comes from current Boston University (BU) students and alumni, which really connects with our guests. As a result, we continue to grow our share of business from BU.”

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