Announcing Season Two of Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast

It’s not everyday we get to pick the brains of art and business leaders on the value art brings to their projects, their lives, and the communities surrounding them. But when we do, we capture those conversations and air them on our podcast, Dot Dot Dot, the continuing conversation around art in the built environment. 

We’re thrilled to be rolling out season two beginning this Sunday, March 27th with guest and Akara Partners CEO Rajen Shastri, who speaks with host and NINE dot ARTS CEO Martha Weidmann about how art can enhance service amenities for today’s remote professionals. This season we’ll also hear from Seattle’s “Minister of Culture” and the Arte Noir Executive Director Vivian Phillips, social impact hero and Milender White VP of Business Development and Public Affairs Albus Brooks, and DLR Group Interior Designer Poppy Patterson, among others. 

Season two also features insights from creatives like Seattle-based Cuban-American visual artist Juan Alonso-Rodriguez, artist and PlatteForum Executive Director Michael Gadlin, and Seattle Civic Design Leader Rico Quirindongo. With perspectives from both artists and real estate professionals, season two offers something for everyone. Guests even share a piece of artwork that has impacted them personally – from concerts to museum exhibitions to architectural features – giving listeners the inside scoop on new and engaging art experiences worth exploring.

Episodes will discuss the intersections of art, culture, community engagement, real estate development, DEI, and much more. So if you’re curious about how these industry professionals are successfully integrating art and culture into their spaces and programs, make sure to listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Plus, stream the episodes on our YouTube channel, where you can ask us questions or leave suggestions for future guests and topics. 

Dot Dot Dot Season One Recap

If you missed out on season one you can still listen to those episodes, too! Check out some of our most notable conversations below. These episodes bring to life the data behind our 2021 State of the Art Report, which surveyed nearly 200 industry professionals on art’s influence on employee engagement, brand storytelling, return on investment, and more. With the help of our reputable guests, we share the stories behind the numbers, giving listeners the inside scoop on the value of art in corporate, leisure, and public spaces.

Andy Rockmore

Dot Dot Dot is the continuing conversation around art in the built environment. Hosted by NINE dot ARTS CEO Martha Weidmann, episodes explore art, culture, placemaking, and more with a range of reputable art and business leaders. Tune in on our website or wherever you get your podcasts to learn how an original art experience can boost your business and make a social impact.