Elevating Hotel Brands with Local Art with Kevin McKinney

Dot Dot Dot: The NINE dot ARTS Podcast
Episode 62

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With over 20 years of construction and development experience in the hospitality sector – including work on several notable legacy brands – Kevin McKinney shares inspiring stories and lessons learned from his tenure in the industry. As the President and Founder of HighSide Project Management, Kevin discusses some of his firm’s new construction and renovation projects, emphasizing property improvement plans as a cost-effective way to reinvigorate a space and add new value. Kevin and host Martha McGee discuss how art and culture can support such plans, serving as powerful tools to elevate a space as opposed to costly architecture or design changes. Tune into the episode to hear how the company’s project management efforts help streamline efficiencies, improve collaboration, and maximize returns for hospitality projects across the country.

Discussed in the Episode: 
HighSide Project Management
Metro State Hospitality Learning Center and Hotel
Sage Hospitality Group
Heart and Hand Center
The Curtis Hotel
Artist Sarah Stieber
Behind the Scenes of “Equidistant” by Samantha Parker Salazar for the Courtyard Hotel Austin
Cambria Hotel — New Haven, CT
Cambria Hotel — Columbia, SC
Kevin McKinney on LinkedIn

About Kevin McKinney:
Kevin McKinney is the President and Founder of HighSide Project Management. Named after an expert maneuver to move to the high side of a raft during a rough pitch, HighSide works with clients to move new hospitality constructions and renovations into an improved, more transparent, and more efficient side of business. Founded in early 2019, HighSide is leading a new approach to project management in hospitality. With 20+ years of construction and development experience at M.A. Mortenson, Sage Hospitality Group, and Cardinal Group Construction, Kevin has provided oversight of the development and construction of more than $1.5 billion in hotel assets.

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