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Creative Placemaking for a Stronger Civic Fabric

In addition to curating art collections across a range of industries, our team develops extensive community art plans (traditionally called “art master plans”) for large-scale developments, municipalities, cities, and communities big and small. These plans vary by project but can include anything from suggested art typologies and location planning to artwork financing and implementation strategies. Because places with an active arts and culture sector are shown to have a stronger and more resilient economy. 

Through strategic partnerships, site-specific research, and arts-oriented community engagement, we help you embed art and culture into the civic fabric of your development, producing social and economic benefits for years to come.

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“Art and culture are the memory marking parts of projects that make a community feel ownership and pride.
– Sharon Exley,
President, Architecture is Fun, Inc.
“We hired NINE dot ARTS based on their deep knowledge of public art programs – from community engagement to financing to implementation – across the country.”
– Rhys Duggan,
CEO, Revesco Properties
“I wanted to say thanks to you all for this. We now have a great plan. We’re already talking about what our next call for artists will be and this plan will guide it all.”
– Stacey Stegman,
Britain Design Group
“Our ability to create authentic experiences for our guests is a key differentiator against our competition, and the art program that NINE dot ARTS created is a prime example.”
– Chad McWhinney2,
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service, Denver International Airport


The Value of Community Art Planning

Have you ever visited somewhere and thought, “Wow, this place gets it.” Or maybe you never had that revelation, because you were too enthralled by the various sights, sounds, and overall sensation of the place. You were busy enjoying its integrated retail, entertainment, residential, and public spaces – each infused with art, culture, and community.  […]

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Making History in Downtown Atlanta with Brian…

Brian McGowan, President at Centennial Yards, discusses downtown Atlanta’s transformation into the ultimate live/work/play/shop destination where creativity, culture, and community will flourish.

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Webinar: Transformative Placemaking

Tune into our webinar to learn about community art planning from CEO Martha Weidmann.

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The City as a Solution with Rodney…

Rodney M. Milton, Jr., Executive Director of ULI Colorado, discusses short and long term strategies to support the growth of cities, from equitable development and urban planning to community retention and collective leadership.

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Dot Dot Dot Ep 12: Dana Crawford…

“The Power of Placemaking” Guest Dana Crawford, President of Urban Neighborhoods Inc. How do you know when a place is timeless?  Just ask Dana Crawford, President, Urban Neighborhoods Inc., “pioneering preservationist” and the champion behind some of Colorado’s most memorable places. As a longtime architectural conservation developer, Dana has led the redevelopment of more than […]

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Dana Crawford podcast