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Leveling Up the Guest Experience

With tasteful continuity from lobby to rooftop, our custom art collections transform ordinary hotels into unforgettable destinations for guests and locals alike, building customer loyalty and community goodwill. 

NINE dot ARTS has over a decade of experience partnering with the nation’s leading hospitality developers to create site-specific art experiences for boutique, luxury, and resort style hotels. Through thoughtful planning and creative collaboration, we find the perfect artwork to reflect your hotel’s brand and enhance its every feature, from its design, architecture, and amenities to its authentic local flair. And whether quaint and cozy or iconic and adventurous, our custom art curation will amplify your hotel’s ambiance and deliver a memorable sense of place.

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“Art and culture create a vibe that can resonate with visitors for repeat visits/stays/purchases.”
– Tanner Morrow,
Architectural Designer, Raw Creative
“The Oxford Hotel and Spa is currently running its highest average rate on historical record. We are the #1 Denver hotel on TripAdvisor. And the energy that NINE dot ARTS helped bring to our lobby through their weekly art activations undoubtedly played a role in this success.”
– Ed Blair,
Area General Manager, Sage Hospitality Group
“As an Assistant Executive Committee member at an 1100 room hotel, there are four things that are important to me when working with outside companies: Quality, Flexibility, Creativity and Cost. The NINE dot ARTS team excels in each of those areas beyond my expectations.”
– Kristin Cypher,
Britain Design Group
“Our ability to create authentic experiences for our guests is a key differentiator against our competition, and the art program that NINE dot ARTS created is a prime example.”
– Chad McWhinney2,
Adam Sperling, General Manager, Hotel Commonwealth


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