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Promoting Purpose, Pride, and Profitability

After nearly two years of remote flexibility, the corporate office landscape remains somewhat uncertain. But whether you’re rethinking your office layout to meet post-pandemic preferences or creating a collaborative coworking space for today’s digital nomads, our team of specialists is here to help.

We work to understand your company’s brand, mission, and values, then curate a custom art collection to bring these attributes to life. And by connecting your brand to the space your employees inhabit, we inspire workforce purpose, pride, and even productivity. Our thoughtful corporate art collections deliver elevated workspaces that feel welcoming and worthwhile – increasing employee engagement and, by extension, business success.

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“Art and culture help to build community and social links. They can tell the story of the who, what, and why of an organization.”
– Karen Gerrity,
Special Projects Director, City of Golden, CO
“NINE dot ARTS did an amazing job finding pieces that tell a story and communicate who we are as a philanthropic organization. The art in our office is a source of joy and pride, and is an essential part of the character of a space that is used by many, many organizations.”
– Thomas A. Gougeon,
President, Gates Family Foundation
“We have locations all around the nation and each and every employee that visits this new facility comments how nice the artwork selection is and I am confident that it could not have been done without the expertise of the staff at NINE dot ARTS.”
– Janna Samek,
Director of Corporate Communications, Fourpoint Energy
“Carte blanche recommendation for NINE dot ARTS. In collaboration with them, we really created a space we enjoy for ourselves, for our guests and for our clients.”
– Mike O’Donnell,
Chairmen, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell


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