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Differentiation Done Right

With increased competition and high expectations from renters, multifamily developers have to think outside the box to attract and retain tenants while creating a distinct environment. At NINE dot ARTS, we work closely with your project team to understand the personality of your residents and the vision for your property. And with this knowledge, we deliver. 

We bring to life a custom art experience that reflects your brand and engages your intended audience – prompting them to pay higher rates and sign longer lease terms. And by curating art that honors neighborhood character, we distinguish your property from cookie cutter competition and generate goodwill and good press for your apartment, townhome, or condominium. 

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“Art and culture influences how spaces feel and the impression people have in the space. A space that feels comfortable influences the rental decision.”
– Martin Owens,
Development Director, CMK Companies
“The Spectra and Ovation projects are the culmination of a remarkable partnership between Quarterra and NINE dot ARTS and we are eager to see them come to life…We want our residents and guests to have a one-of-a-kind experience inside our properties and these two projects deliver exactly that. Now more than ever we understand the power of art and the benefits it produces in creating a distinct sense of place and a home.”
– Brad Machat,
Senior Development Manager, Quarterra
“NINE dot ARTS is not a typical art consulting firm. They are able to combine their passion for fine art with the real world constraints of a budget and tight schedule and create art programs that are truly amazing.”
– Natasha Gallaway,
Owner, Cupola LLC


Webinar: Distinguishing Your Multifamily Property Through Art

Hear NINE dot ARTS Chief Curator and Co-founder Molly Casey share how to distinguish your multifamily property through a one-of-a-kind art experience.

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Servicing the Digital Nomad with Rajen Shastri

Rajen Shastri, CEO and Founder of commercial real estate developer Akara Partners, discusses membership models, social offerings, and other high-touch service amenities designed for today’s digital nomad and post-graduate consumer.

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Kenect Nashville’s Tennessee Timeless Art Experience

The vibrant art collection at Kenect Nashville spans seven floors, energizing the multifamily residential property through colorfully striking murals, mixed-media installations, and stylish shelf arrangements that create an engaging “Tennessee timeless” atmosphere for residents and guests.

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Big Art, Big Impact with Daniel Doyle

Daniel Doyle, Chief Operating Officer of Charleston-based real estate developer The Beach Company, shares his experience working with Australian artist Guido van Helten to create an 8-story mural that pays homage to the desegregation of South Carolina schools.

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How to Distinguish Your Multifamily Property Through…

Discover why you need a one-of-a-kind art experience to attract tenants and ensure your property stays top of mind in today’s competitive landscape.

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The Art of Citizen Apartments

From the lobby to the rooftop and everything in between, the art collection at Citizen Apartments by Quarterra distinguishes the property as unlike any other multifamily residence in the Mountain West.

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