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Inspiring Innovation and Progress

A growing industry across several real estate hotspots, NINE dot ARTS supports life science clients by developing high-impact art experiences that promote a company’s mission and reflect the innovative ideals of the industry – from scientific discovery to environmental sustainability, technological advancement, health and wellness, and more. By coordinating with architects, engineers, designers, and others, we create space for bold, iconic artwork that would be impossible anywhere else, highlighting the industry’s cutting edge work while educating and engaging the community at large.

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“We have always been able to achieve the images that are appropriate for each setting – thanks to your approach of learning our business and understanding our many needs.”
– Gary W. Branch,
Director of Construction Projects, Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center


The Importance of Context in Art Collections

Art has the ability to stand on its own with little need for description or explanation. It can have a profound impact on the viewer, who interacts with the artwork in the context of his or her own experiences. But while art has this ability, how much more powerful is it when you understand the […]

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Art, Real Estate, and Environmental Stewardship with…

Jon Buerge, Chief Development Officer at Urban Villages, reflects on the significant environmental impacts of real estate development and shares strategies his company has implemented to build more mindfully and sustainably.

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Art with Intention

How Art Curation Tells a Brand’s Story Have you ever walked through an office building’s courtyard with a fascinating sculpture on your way to an appointment? Or down an airy corridor with engaging artwork on the walls? What about entering a hotel lobby only to find a one-of-a-kind chandelier hanging overhead, throwing millions of rainbows […]

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