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Attracting Audiences with Art that Excites

An original public art program helps honor the history of a place, enhances wellbeing, creates buzz, and even increases revenue for nearby businesses. Site-specific art in particular can amplify these benefits, supporting navigation and intuitive wayfinding while prompting viewers to experience spaces with enlightened perspectives. 

Our NINE dot ARTS team helps clients capitalize on these benefits while overseeing all public art requirements. We manage everything from artist selections and contract administration to facilitating decision-making and buy-in from artists, municipal leaders, and other stakeholder groups – culminating in a high-quality art experience for public benefit. 

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“Art and culture make a difference in the user’s experience of a space. They can make the most boring and plain spaces become activated, engaging, and memorable. They can make unsophisticated spaces seem much more high end.”
– Natasha Gallaway,
Owner, Cupola, LLC
“Your team opened my eyes to what we could achieve with art…and the only thing I would change would be to start it earlier.”
– Nick Kitaeff,
Senior Development Director, Confluent Development
“NINE dot ARTS possesses a very special skill in their ability to present and curate a full array of art media types for placement in large public spaces; their talent to showcase that work in unusual spaces is surprisingly appropriate and perfect!”
– John Adams,
General Manager, Colorado Convention Center
“NINE dot ARTS continues to exceed my expectations…Their ability to identify and source artworks that are immersive and experiential has helped make our property a unique destination.”
– Chad McWhinney,
CEO and Co-founder, McWhinney
“We hired NINE dot ARTS based on their deep knowledge of public art programs – from community engagement to financing to implementation – across the country.”
– Rhys Duggan,
CEO, Revesco Properties
“I witnessed NINE dot ARTS facilitating a large and complex group of community representatives – helping them to refine their vision for the public art, programming art for specific locations, working with artists to solicit conceptual designs, and helping the community choose the final pieces.”
– Kristin Cypher,
Britain Design Group


Come Out, Come Out Rhino, Wherever You…

Curated by national art consulting firm NINE dot ARTS for the Catbird Hotel in Denver, Colorado, “Come Out, Come Out Rhino, Wherever You Are” by international artists Gillie and Marc features an endangered rhinoceros peeking out of a city manhole, nodding to humankind’s harmful effects on endangered animals.

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Public vs. Private Art Commissions with Juan…

Seattle-based visual artist Juan Alonso-Rodríguez reflects on the art commissioning process, from creating installations for private developments to critiquing and selecting artwork for municipalities and cities.

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Juan Alonso-Rodríguez podcast

Hope and Healing: The Story Behind a…

After years of curating transformative art experiences alongside clients and community partners, our team knows firsthand the impact art has on our individual and collective wellbeing. Studies show that public art can benefit public health, helping to alleviate stress, strengthen identity, and encourage overall positive health behaviors.  Further, art made in collaboration with others – […]

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Uplifting the Creative Economy with Michael Gadlin

Michael Gadlin, contemporary multimedia artist and Executive Director of PlatteForum, reflects on the value of collaboration and community for creating timeless public art.

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National Art Consulting Firm NINE dot ARTS…

Made by internationally acclaimed artists Gillie and Marc, a large-scale bronze rhinoceros now welcomes visitors to Denver’s River North Arts District. NINE dot ARTS, a nationally recognized, award-winning art consulting and curating firm,  recently installed a 992-lb bronze rhinoceros sculpture outside the Catbird Hotel in Denver’s River North Arts District (RiNo). Entitled “Come Out, Come […]

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Art for Reparative Investment with Vivian Phillips

Longtime cultural consultant and arts advocate Vivian Phillips discusses the intersections of art, culture, community, and equity while reflecting on the development of Arté Noir, a permanent institution in Seattle’s Central District dedicated to uplifting Black art, artists, and culture.

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